handcuffs, shackles, guilty

Amazing Mistresses

Thank you Goddess Macy for the Mistress you had sent me to Angeles City for the session, they were amazing!

Paul (Australia)

Fun and Wonderful

I had a nice session today. Thanks to you. Mistress Lurda was nice and wonderful then Mistress Léa was fun.


Another great session…

I had another great session organized by Mistress Macy when visiting Angeles City. Mistress Macy was away at the time of my visit and so the session was run entirely by her assistants. Everything had been well organized and worked as it should and there were absolutely no problems in Mistress Macy’s absence. The mistresses were punctual, friendly, the play was edgy and they were sensitive to what I wanted. Overall, if you are interested in BDSM activities in the Manila region, don’t waste your time contacting people on Collarme or other similar sites. Go with the professional!!


Mistress Macys’ strap on Bitch

Mistress Macy and her assistants introduced me to BDSM. It was an incredible experience. Ropes restraints, strap-ons, and more, I never experienced so wonderful and wild an experience. Mistress Macy and assistants were professional and insured everything was hygienic with the toys. If I lived in the region I would be working to be owned by Mistress Macy or one of her assistant Mistresses.
Thank you

Slave Mike

Lots of fun

I would like to say thank you for the session it was a lot of fun I am just beginner thank you for coming to see me all the best hope to see you again soon…

Slave Adrian

Wonderful Mistress and very professional!!!

I am a moderately experienced slave and so was very pleased to find Mistress Macy’s website and the possibility of sessions in Angeles City.

Mistress Macy was very professional from start to finish. She responded quickly to my enquiries and dates, activities and costs were all clear. The checklist that she sent prior to the session was comprehensive. She and her assistants arrived perfectly on time and the sessions were well paced and full of activity with enough twists to keep things interesting. Mistress Macy participated of course but also was an excellent director of her assistants.

Mistress Macy has a nice collection of toys and importantly she is particular about cleanliness and hygiene and so there is no concern there. Everything was handled properly.

If you are new to BDSM, you can trust Mistress Macy to introduce you to a variety of activities that interest you. You are in safe hands and once again I stress that she is highly professional and ethical Mistress who you can trust. If you are more experienced, Mistress Macy will be able to stretch your horizons (and a few other things as well!!).

Overall I very much enjoyed Mistress Macy’s sessions and rate her highly as a professional domme.

Slave William

I met Mistress Macy last year

I met Mistress Macy last year twice for long sessions. I have to say I did have some experience with mistresses but still quite limited. Now I wanted to go for full scale, which was making me quite nervous for two reasons. One, overexcitement from anticipation of sexual activities so far unknown to me. Second, as a foreigner in the country, being under tight bondage and full control of unknown mistresses also was not making me comfortable. Now, I can say that I am glad that I did overcome those fears of mine. After some talks and few drinks, I felt very comfortable to fully submit to Mistress Macy and her assistant. We tried many things including some extreme stuff i.e. pushing some limits on my request. Mistress Macy was very accommodating to my preferences at the same time being very creative in activities. You will see that she truly enjoys domination and does it very professionally. Hygiene and safe play is her priority so I felt quite comfortable in this regard. Would I recommend getting an appointment with Mistress Macy? By all means. Would I met her again? Absolutely yes and I will do so whenever I have opportunity.


Wonderful Session

Hi Mistress,
now I am back in Germany.Thank you for this wonderful session.The end was wonderful. The good hand job from your assistant. And then to clean your feet with my tongue from my sperm cells.

Kiss your feet again

Slave JJ

good training you give me

Just to thank you for the good training you give me in December with your nice junior mistress. It was full of new experience for me.

Slave Marc

Memorable evening

Thanks for the most memorable time last evening. You and your junior Mistresses were wonderful. Looking forward to seeing you and having more fun and training for her next time she will be here. It will more fun to everyone for sure!!!

Master D

Good session and punishment

Thanks Mistress for the good session and punishment. Hopefully you will allow to play with me again in the near future.

Slave Tom

Thank you for the sessions

The first one, I really had a lot of fun and you were such an excellent mistress for me. I especially liked the tickle torture that you and Jen inflicted on me, and, blush, I kinda enjoyed the ass fucking that you gave me. It felt so crazy, almost like I was constantly about to either pee or cum, but neither happened. It is something I would definitely try again!

Slutty G

Enjoyed the session

Mistress, Thank you so much for the pictures. I really enjoyed the session and hope you were pleased. Please let me know if there is any way I can serve you.

Your slave, matt

My Supreme Goddess

Mistress Macy is my owner. She is my Supreme Mistress and Beloved Divine Goddess. She is gifted in Domination and Sadism and all submissive and masochists are guaranteed satisfaction. To her I am vowed of obedience, discipline, submission, and humiliation. It is anything, everything, with whoever she likes, whenever and wherever.

Slave Lexa