My Rules:

  • I am strictly Domme and do not switch
  • I adhere very strictly to safety and hygiene
  • NO blood play
  • NO shit play (scat, caviar, etc);
  • NO sharp objects like knives, needles
  • I will enforce use of condom for any vaginal or anal penetration
  • I also do not do face-sitting, breath-control
  • I do not do one to one sessions. Minimum is (2) two Mistresses
  • If a request is made at least two weeks before, I can try to get a slave girl or lady-boy, though I cannot always be sure
  • Only when my slut sub boyfriend is available, we appreciate couple to couple for slave swapping, forced-bi and cuckold! The more the merrier! A free session for all!

BDSM IS NOT PROSTITUTION. I AM NOT AN ESCORT. IT WILL ALWAYS BE CLOTHED FEMALES NAKED MALES (CFNM). Only exceptions will be for slave girls or when Mistress(es) is (are) making their husbands/boyfriends into CUCKOLD(S)